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Oct 8th, 2015 at 11:59 pm
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A hanging wedgie/my first melvin - (Read 23,062 Times)

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Post Icon Posted: Dec 21st, 2009 at 10:29 am

y=Hey its me blue (i had to change it to blue2 because i forgot my password and had to create a new account and couldn't use blue again) its still the wedgie kid. Things have been pretty quiet and people haven't been giving me too many wedgies; not like in middle school where i would get one everyday. I'm greatful actually because it's better when you dont have underwear going up your crack everyday. Every now and then though i get wedgied. I have two stories below.

My class was outside doing a project for school, collecting leaves for a tree project, and me and a bunch of other kids decided to climb a tree because we were done and just wanted to hang out. Up in the tree, we were all just hanging and talking (boys and girls) and then this one kid goes, "you know what would be cool, is if we hung (me) from the tree by his boxers...a hanging wedgie." I was like, "na that wouldn't be cool the wedgie days are over." A bunch of kids laughed and were like lets do it! Even the girls were in on it. I quickly tried to get my legs around to jump from the tree and almost made it when someone put their arm around my chest and someone else (a girl becuase i could feel her nails against my skin) reached into my pants and grabed my boxers. The kid who had his arm around my waist let go but i grabbed onto the tree branch. The girl, along with other people now, still held onto my boxer rim and i swung down on the limb, hands still attached.

There i was swinging from the tree limb with my arms with a bunch of people gripping my boxers. I expected them to let go when i swung down but nope they hung on. I never felt underwear go up my ass that fast and believe me it burned like hell and felt really wierd because i never had a "hanging wedgie" so gravity sucks in this case. They kept trying to pull me up by my boxers and by doing that m pants began to fall, i had on loose aero pants which didnt fit anyway. I was like, "no stop,oww, stop, ahhh my pants are gonna fall down, stop ahhh owww!" the one kid goes, "well then you better let go of the branch then," but i knew that if i did that then i would have goteen an even worse wedgie so i said, "no come on stop i cant becuae you won't let go." They kept saying that they would and i was just scared bt i knew they were lying so i kept hanging on. My boxers slid further up my ass and now my nuts were really burning to the point where i couldnt take it. I noticed a bunch of kids standing below me laughing and to make it worse i felt my pnts slip down to me knees. I quickly extended my legs out to catch them at my knees but found that that was a big mistake.

When i spread my legs out, my ass spread out too and my boxers went higher faster. That was painful and now my arms were hurting so it was about to get worse. I realized then that i had the thong effect going on and my boxers were hardly visible anymore because they were so dug in; so everyone beneath me saw my white ass. In addition to that, since my pants were down to me knees in the air, my boxers were pretty tight around my package and i glimpsed down and saw the outline of my balls and dick. I was wearing blueish underwear and it was firmly scrunching my junk together but it was so tight that the fabric actually was becoming see through. A bunch of girls were down below and i felt really embarassed and i think someone even might have said something like "ahaha look at his balls they must be ready to fall off by now." Maybe the people holding my boxers realized his because after one last yank up they let my boxer rim go and then i released my grip from the tree and fell to the ground. I immediately got up and started pulling my boxers away from my junk and out of my crack. Kids were laughing a lot and were making commetns about the ordeal and how im still the wedgie kid. Some girl in a group yelled out, "hey call me when you want to use that thing...NOT!! ahahah" i really felt embarassed because not only did i get a bad wedgie infront of my whole class but they all saw my ass and probably my dick and nutsack too.

My first melvin happened like a week later, this kid who is one of the jokesters of the school is in my 3rd period class and we were waiting outside in the hall for it to start. He's alright weve talked and he seems cool. All of a sudden he comes over and is like, "huh huh you talking shit, huh huh?" he was joking obviously because people and even him were laughing. I was like, "no no NEVER to you!" He still kept going on, "na i heard you wanted to destroy me and throw me in a river tied up.." i just laughed and was like no i don't dude." He kept kidding around and cornered me to a locker. "Il teach you a lesson punk," really fast i felt his hands reach down into the front of my boxers far enough to get some of my hair and jerk up fast. Two things hurt: 1 a small amount of pubic hair was yanked out when he pulled up and 2 my nuts felt like they were being split in two by a flamming sword...CTD
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