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Aug 1st, 2015 at 04:42 am
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Drunken Public Wedgie from Boyfriend (Completed): (plus my cunning plan to get wedgied by a random guy lol) - (Read 6,269 Times)

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Post Icon Posted: Dec 17th, 2009 at 07:33 am

Last night me and my boyfriend got invited round to a friends party. We had a couple drinks (i had the most, plus to make it worse i'd skipped dinner before goin out, oops!). Later on we all went out to the pub/club where me and my bf had more to drink.

My cunning plan

By this point i was completely off my face and not thinking clearly. I went to the toilet and while in there a random bloke asked me about my boots and where i'd got them from. After a short convo i left the toilets and when i got back to the table i had a sudden drunken idea....

"I should have asked that guy for a wedgie!!!"

So while i was sittin at the table in my drunken state with everyone else i formulated a plan. Basically i'd go into the toilets, get a guy talkin to me and then tell them my friends had dared me to get a wedgie from a random guy and ask them for their help.

So throughout the night i faked having a weak bladder and slipped off alone to the toilets lol, but to my dispair there was either no one else in the toilets or the guys that were in there just took no notice of me.

Maybe next time any of you go out drinking you could try this, maybe you'll have better luck than me lol

The wedgie from my BF

As we were walking back home later on i jumped in a puddle and splashed my bf by accident; this annoyed him so later on as i walked in front of him he lifted my fleece, grabbed the waistband of my boxerbriefs and gave me a mega wedgie, nearly lifting me off the ground. He walked me most of the way home like this; as he kept yanking my underwear and practically dangling me off the ground it hurt so much; eventually he finally let go and forced me to walk the rest of the way leaving my wedgie in.

When we got back to the appartment he tackled me to the floor and wedgied me again, this time much harder; it hurt really badly. He then made it atomic, ripping my underwear and hooing the elastic over my head.

So overall it was a good wedgie :-)

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Post Icon Posted: Dec 17th, 2009 at 04:23 pm

Sounds like a very amusing time to say the least, and I guess you weren't to drunk if you can remember it.
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