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Oct 4th, 2015 at 06:38 pm
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My WORST, most PAINFUL wedgy!: Ouch! - (Read 36,403 Times)

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Me getting wedgied

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Post Icon Posted: Sep 3rd, 2009 at 06:54 pm

First, some information about the wedgy:

How old: I was eight.

What kind of wedgie: A messy/hanging

What kind of underwear: Thong

How long: More than an hour

Did you wet yourself: Yes

How many people gave it: Five or more

Did your underwear rip: No

What color underwear: Pink

Who gave it: Bully[s], sixth grade

Were you forced to go somewhere to get it: Yes, public place

How many people saw: More than 10

Do you regularly receive wedgies: Yes, several times a week, usually self

Do you enjoy wedgies: I hated them back them; love 'em now

When was your last wedgie: Earlier today

Do you give wedgies: Yes Smiley

Did you wedgy them back: No

What made them give it: Nothing

How painful, 1 being not painful: 10

How embarrassing: 10

What were you wearing: Thong

Did they take your clothes: Yes, before wedgie

Did you fall [hanging. wedgie]: No

What is the longest time you've ever been wedgied: More than a day

Did you enjoy your worst wedgie: It was horrible

Now here's the story.

I was at my house and the doorbell rang so I checked who it was. It was some bad kids from my school, the kind to avoid, so I locked the door. They came in the backyard, though, so I let them in and we started talking. Not meanly, just nice. So they made me go on a walk with them and we kept talking about normal things like tests and stuff. There were seven of them; they were bullies.

Then we went toward the public pool, I didn't know why, and into the rooms where there were showers and stuff for you to change in [or. shower I guess]. Then they started unhooping their belts and I got scared and tried to run but one of them grabbed my arms and pulled down my pants and shirt. They took them away and dragged me into the boys' bathroom [I'm a girl]. They laughed at me for wearing a thong and I started to yell but they grabbed my face and shut me up by stuffing my shirt into my mouth. They dragged me to the shower stall and pulled some cans out of a bag. They were chicken noodle soup. They used duct tape to tape my thong shut so that the soup would stay in. Then they put two belts through each of my leg holes and used one more to loop around the two belts already there and one more attaching to the third and looping up. The three loops sticking up they hung from the showerhead then poked holes in the top of each of the cans of soup. I was trying to scream like crazy but couldn't because of my shirt. They put the cans in my underwear and turned on the shower so that it would make the cans slowly overflow but first strained out the chicken and noodles and dropped them into my underwear. Then they left with the stall door open and a bunch of guys saw me but didn't do anything.

I hung there for like TWO HOURS AND A HALF HOURS- IT HURT REEALLY BAD!!! AND WHENEVER SOMEBODY CAME IN THEY STARED AND STARED! Some of them laughed at me- humiliating!- but didn't do anything! And, like it says on the poll answers, I wet myself... ugh!

I recognized the guy who eventually came to help me. He was another guy from my school, a grade ahead of me, but he said that I had to let him do something to me after he got me down. So I said "Yes! Please! ANYthing!"

So he let me down and said that I had to let him give me a swirly and then another wedgy. He brought me into a toilet stall that somebody had already gone to the bathroom in and did a swirly on me. I kicked him when he tried to wedgy me again. I had to run home in my stretched out underwear and bra- and I was soaked. They never gave me back my clothes.

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Post Icon Posted: Sep 3rd, 2009 at 08:56 pm

how do u put chicken noddle soup in a thong?i would belive this story if u were wearing 100 percent spandex panties or polyester but i think this in bs srry
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Post Icon Posted: Sep 3rd, 2009 at 09:02 pm

first...It is wedgIE...second I dont think its real...It was an awful story. No offence...
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Post Icon Posted: Sep 5th, 2009 at 03:45 pm

I'm sorry, I believe you are looking for the Fiction section.

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